Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Turning Two Charlie and Lola Style

Geesh, it sure has taken me a long time to get to this. I was ready to post my Easter stuff but realized I can't do that until I get this B-day stuff out of the way first.

So June's birthday was a big deal this year. I mean, birthday's should ALWAYS be a big deal! And we had fun making it a big deal. Here are lots and lots of pictures to prove it (and this is only from the friend party, there were two more days of celebrating after this that I have yet to post about).

Here is the prep for the cute little flower crayons I made.

Some turned out, most did not. Note to self, do not run the molds under hot water after taking them out of the freezer.

Here are the treat bags filled with the above flower crayons, charlie and lola paperdolls, bubbles, a gummy butterfly, a silly bandz butterfly or some other insect, a pinwheel, and I can't remember what else.
I made these pinwheels, I was so pleased with how they turned out.
Got the idea from Pebbles in my Pocket.

These are images from the "Pin the Flower on Lola" activity we did, which for some reason scared the bejeebers out of the kids. Weird, and funny!

Aaron drew that pic of Lola all by himself. Such talent!

Maisy was there...
And so was Olive of course!

We decorated some pots and then planted some daisy seeds in the pots. This comes from the Charlie and Lola episode and book "I really wonder what plant I'm growing".

Then we had "The Most Wonderfullest Picnic" with pink milk of course! And other such things.

Birthday Girl! Good thing I put that bib on her. She's the only one that spilled her pink milk!

Tissue paper fun!

She made out like a bandit! I mean, two-year-old gifts are so simple and fun. We've gone through all the bubbles and sidewalk chalk but I have yet to introduce the Play-Doh. I'm just waiting for the right time, when I feel ready to clean up a huge mess.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cereal! etc.

This is just a cute shot of the girls right before we started feeding Olive. We did not feed Olive those olives though, don't worry. June likes to be right next to Olive whenever she can.

Here she is, ready for this new thing called cereal.

That is not my arm by the way, gross!

And I couldn't leave June out since she insisted on getting her picture taken too, if only she would just smile for the camera.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


so basically RSV stinks! and luckily i think we're over the worst of it now with olive. but i hope i never again have to watch as they take an hour and a half to find a vein for the IV to go into olive's poor little dehydrated body. :( okay, maybe it was only an hour but it felt like an hour and a half!

check out those little hospital pajama duds they had olive wear. they were actually paper thin and i think it would be uncomfortable to lay on those knots that were tied in the back. i say boo.
she really has her eye on that diet coke.
thank goodness for the little musical giraffe we brought in. it helped the nurses entertain her while she was getting suctioned. cuteness, right?
here we are, ready to go. this was taken a little bit before we checked out. she's ready and rarin'.

p.s. the little stickers on her cheeks were there to hold the oxygen tube in place and not for decorative purposes. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring Fever

and i can't leave olive out

Friday, February 4, 2011


This is what our house is like every morning for breakfast. Charlie and Lola playing on the tv while June eats in her highchair. The best part is that June isn't the only one that is obsessed with Charlie and Lola right now. I absolutely love it!! Thanks YouTube, for having these episodes available. I don't know what we'll do when they run out!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

it's about time!

remember how we have these super cute kids that i never post pictures of? well here's a few, mostly of june. i can't believe how few pictures i have of poor olive. yikes, bad mom!

this was from our big snow day we had before christmas:

trying to get a good shot of the girls for a gift for grandma, disregard june's awful sore on her face
she had to have one of her holding her baby

june loves holding olive, even if she has a poor grip