Thursday, March 3, 2011


so basically RSV stinks! and luckily i think we're over the worst of it now with olive. but i hope i never again have to watch as they take an hour and a half to find a vein for the IV to go into olive's poor little dehydrated body. :( okay, maybe it was only an hour but it felt like an hour and a half!

check out those little hospital pajama duds they had olive wear. they were actually paper thin and i think it would be uncomfortable to lay on those knots that were tied in the back. i say boo.
she really has her eye on that diet coke.
thank goodness for the little musical giraffe we brought in. it helped the nurses entertain her while she was getting suctioned. cuteness, right?
here we are, ready to go. this was taken a little bit before we checked out. she's ready and rarin'.

p.s. the little stickers on her cheeks were there to hold the oxygen tube in place and not for decorative purposes. :)


Carrie Hellewell said...

All I can say is that she is the cutest RSV patient I have ever seen. I'm so sorry that she's been sick. It's so sad when they are. Nothing makes me feel worse and I can't imagine being in the hospital. I'm glad that she's hope and doing better. Give me a call soon! It's starting to warm up and we need to see each other!

Kjrstin said...

that stinks! when did you have to take her in? poor little kiddo. i do agree with carrie, cutest patient ever. did june ever get it, or is she too old?

Robynn said...

Oh I am so sorry! Do you need anything? Dinner? A week long vacation?

Niki said...

That is horrible!! What are the signs of RSV? I worry about Olivia all the time with these winter viruses, even here in warmer weather. I am SO glad that Olive is ok, and on the mend--how scared you must have been! I will keep her in my prayers that she continues to do well!!!